Embellished Heel Boots.

December 11, 2018

First I want to apologize for being MIA(missing in action)on the blog last week.It was not Intentional,I missed my flight,I will spare you my ordeal,Then I rescheduled,had to sleep over at a friends place for a day,because going back home was 8hrs away by Car and pointless.Thank you so much Cristi and Adelina,I can't thank you both enough for your generousity.God bless you.

Traveling can be stressful,I wish I could skip the whole process from packing,waiting for the flight,boarding,sitting for hours.I wish i could  just close and open my eyes and be at my destination.Unfortunately my Black girl magic don't have such power to appear and disappear. Well Life happens and I Thank God for Journey mercies and  his Grace.I am alive and Breathing,that is enough blessing.

I am back to Dubai like I never left Spending few weeks here with my Love before  I humbly disappear again next year.So If you need collaborations,meetings or business Ideas ,Yoga, Cycling,Photo shoot.I am available until next year.Kindly send me an Email or a note on my Blog.

Today's post is a Diy (do it yourself).It is winter season and Boots are in from ankle boots, knee length,Over the Knee,Thigh high.etc
I have noticed a trend for the season which is "Embellished heels" and I am so here for it. 

Luxury fashion designers are not left out either. I like the fact that I can use any type of item to embellish my Shoes and make them into my own style.
So I had my plain black H&M boots from last year and decided to embellish its heels.

This project was really easy, you need the following items:
- Pair of Boots
- Glue
- Tweezers (optional)
- Items of your choice for embellishment.I used a flat back rhinestone glass.

- Clean the surface you want to work on.
- Apply glue to the area
- With your hands or a pair of tweezers place your items at your desired area. 
-Leave it to dry for few hours.

Kindly see the before and After photos Below:



                                                              The process


The Inspiration was from the red boots,I also liked the Bow on the grey boot. 

Ok D&G with the extraness vintage coins, metallic stones,I like it and Gucci playing it safe with the faux pearls and the signature Logo.

Meanwhile the Red Bottoms just entered the building with the Spikes,they asked how do you want the DJ to play the music?Blues(black spikes) or Rock&Roll(metallic silver).

I did not see the prices you all.😢 Thou shall not look beyond her budget and scale of preference.Get you a plain Boot and Diy in peace.where these shoes walk,mine can also.I cannot wait to wear them,My boots dazzle and glow  against the light.That's Dope.Love it.

Kindly watch Video Below:


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Thanks for Passing by have a fabulous week.😘

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