One Head Wrap 7 Styles

February 12, 2019
Head Wrap/Tie


A long strip of cloth wound round the head(especially worn by African Women).

A head tie is a women's cloth head scarf that is commonly worn in many parts of Southern Africa and Western Africa. In South Africa and Namibia, the Afrikaans word doek (meaning "cloth") is used for the traditional head covering used among most elderly local women in rural areas.         

In Nigeria a head tie is called a Gele — that's the word used by the Yoruba, one of the country's many ethnic groups. But the wearing of head wraps is traditional for all Nigerians and indeed for most African cultures. ... You can use any kind of fabric for a headwrap.

see photos and video of different ways to style your head wrap.You can use any fabric to make yours, here I used an African fabric that was remaining from my previous projects.

See photos and watch the video  below:

                                 Flower.                                                           Bow.

                            Crown.                                                      High  Wrap.

Hijab.                                                             Twisted Wrap. 

Let it down  


Thanks for watching have a beautiful day and week.❤😘


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