Bralette /Bralet

October 31, 2018


(also bralette)



An Unlined bra without underwires ans clasp.Tight fitting crop top with thin straps.
Originated from the 1950s with reference to a corset-like bra.
 -Oxford dictionary.

I have been trying to make this for ages,finally figured it out.I am also making a matching skirt for it,I will post that once Its done. 
I am hoping your week is going well so far. See photos and video below:


- Half metre of Fabric.(I used two types the main and a black stretch fabric for the back area)
- Threads,(I used 2 colors black & white)
- Measuring tape and Bra cups (optional)
- Scissors and Marker.


Back (I used a Stretch Fabric)

Lace Trim

Ankara Fabric 

Kindly Watch video below

I will also post the matching skirt towards the end of  the week stay tuned.

Thanks for Passing by :) 

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