Frill Red Dress.

December 05, 2018

How are you all doing Dearies?I had a Flu few last week,because the weather is changing so fast ,this winter season is about to be lit in the cold sense of it.Already snowing in some parts of the country,I am still trying to get used to this new weather,ohh the struggle is real,Considering the weather difference between Middle East and Europe.Well I took some medications and kept myself warmer,had and still taking a lot of Tea and Fruits,I got better after a few days.

The Inspiration about my Frill Dress came from Instagram feed,You all Know how it is on Instagram,You always get to see something amazing popping up every now and then,from public pages,Reposts,Fashion Influencers,Likes,promotions and much more.

I saw this dress first on @onyiialex page,it was in orange color,I liked.Then few days later I saw it on @Liliansoroo page. @AnnieIdibia1.These Nollywood Actresses got their Outfits from @bellezzaaudace on Instagram.
Last month I came across it again on @Mariipazz page,in yellow color,She slayed it as always,Hers was from a different Vendor @Uvmcollection. All these African Nigerian Queens looked georgeous in their Outfits.

I checked those websites they got their dresses from,there was no red.I thought to myself, how amazing will this dress look in a Red number and If I can make it for myself,I also would prefer it to be a bit longer like a midi length.I used a 2 way cotton stretch Fabric because I did not want viscose,Spandex or Lycra,I wanted to feel more comfortable and cotton is always comfy.

The difficult part about making this fabulous dress was its Frills,It took me hourssssssssss yes for real.The main dress was finished in about 1 hour when I started,Including to attach Invincible Zipper,but then the rest of the day was spent on getting the Frills perfect in both Sleeve and Length.It was difficult I remade it  about 2 times.

Like it is said nothing good comes easy,No pain no gain.I was determined and finally I figured  it out.Thinking of making it  again in white color and next time It would not take me a whole  day.I know better now.kindly watch videos below to see how I made it.

I will be Travelling in few days and I would wear this outfit and the others I made the previous weeks at my destination,the weather will be much better,I will post it on my Instagram feed,So Keep your eyes on my page.

Kindly see photos below:

                    Styling with a Satin Ribbon Serving as a Belt.(Front and Back View)

Stretch Cotton Fabric  

                                         Frill Arrangement.(Total Frills 16 per Sleeve)

                                   Before and After Attaching the Frill Sleeves.
                                                  @annieidibia1 and @official2baba


                                                  Imagine having them in these colors

Kindly watch videos below:

                                                                Part 1 

                                                          Part 2 The Frills.

Thanks for passing by today. I would wear this dress in few weeks.Wishing you  fabulous days ahead. 😘

Love- Oge

Source @Instagram

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